A Team Led by Prof. Lai Hairong Visits Philippine and Indonesia


From Nov. 25th to Dec. 2nd, FNU vice president, Lai Hairong, led a team to visit Philippine and Indonesia for educational and cultural exchanges.Local universities, Federation Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII), and alumni extended a warm welcome to them. Vice president and his team successfully completed the mission of visiting.  

On behalf of Confucius Institute, Lai Hairong relatively had 2018 council meetings with Angeles University Foundation (Philippine) and University Al Azhar, Indonesia. In the meeting, he listened to and reviewed work report of Confucius Institutes in 2018 and their plans for the next year. Also, participants in the meeting explored intensively several issues including intensifying trainings for students who learn Chinese, strengthening scientific cooperations and promoting characteristic cultural activities. Representatives also visited faculties of Confucius Institutes of FNU and implemented a symposium with local scholars, representatives of Chinese teachers and volunteers.

During the trip to Philippine, the delegation of FNU made a special visit to Mr, Xu Mingliang, alumni of class 76 and vice president of the board of directors in FNU. Both sides settled on agreed-upon that President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Philippines on Nov, 20th has further broadened the space of cooperation and exchanges between China and Philippines and created a powerful opportunity of deepening the cooperation of both sides. Encountering the new start of history, they informed, both FNU and universities in Philippines ought to keep opportunities and move forward with effective projects for further cooperation. both sides culminated in consensus on work schedules of Soledad College for next stage.

During the visit to Indonesia, the delegation visited Megawati,  party chairman of Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle, the fifth president and honorary doctorate of FNU. Both sides have reached a consensus on several items including cooperation of fostering specialists in tradign, ocean management and urban planning to meet local demands and improving exchanges and cooperation in education.

In their trip, representatives of FNU visited Chiang Kai Shek College of Philippines and FFCCCII and paid an official call on Mr. Pan Feng, Cultural Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Philippines, Mr. Zhou Bin,  Counsellor of Cultural and Education Section of Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Indonesia, Ambassador Cai Congmiao, the honorary chairman in Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the founding president of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce of Philippine and Philippine business consultant of APEC, Mr. Zhang Jinxiong, the general counsellor of FNU Center for Indonesia Studies and the director of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and Mr. Dai Hongda, the chairman of Minnan Science and Technology Institute.

In the trip to Philippine and Indonesia, local universities, research institutes, FFCCCII, faculties of school boards and alumni extended a warm welcome to them. Chinese media, like International Daily News, Chinese Commercial News and Yinhua Daily, covered the events.

(Translated by Lv Yizhen  Reviewed by Chen Fang)