Member of CAS Chen Jun Visits FNU


Recently, Prof. Chen Jun, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and vice president of Nankai University, visited the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of FNU for academic exchanges and guidance, and made an academic report entitled Enthusiastically Embrace the Spring of New Energy Batteries in the Hongda Hall on Qishan Campus. The event was presided over by FNU President Wang Changping. Vice President Chen Qinghua, the head, all the teachers and students of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering attended the event.

Prof. Chen Jun approached the topic by introducing the background of the times and national policies adopted in China, and suggested that vigorously developing new energy is a major national strategy and that new energy technology will surely promote multi-sector integrated development. He also elaborated on the research status and applications of new energy batteries, especially the research on lithium ion battery. The teachers and students present had a lively exchange of views with Prof. Chen Jun on the content of the report and their concerns when they do research.

(Translated by Qiu Sisong/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)