College of Foreign Languages Hosts 2022 Online Exchange between Fujian-Okinawa College Students and 8th Fujian University Taiko Championship2023-01-02 Prof. Zhao Yong’s Research Group Make Significant Progress in the Research on Memristor 2023-01-02 Prof. Lin Duo and Prof. Feng Shangyuan's Team Make New Progress in the Field of Optical Liquid Biopsy2022-12-23 FNU Organizes the 2022 Fujian-Hong Kong-Macao Primary and Secondary School Principals and University Presidents Forum2022-12-23 Former President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Appointed Advisor of FNU Center for Philippine Studies2022-12-15 FNU Co-hosts the 4th Cross-Straits Internet of Things Technology and Industry Development Seminar 2022-12-15 FNU Holds the First Houguan Forum2022-12-10 FNU Co-hosts the Ninth Cross-strait Cultural Development Forum2022-12-10 Research Group of Professors Xie Shusen and Lu Qijing Makes Significant Progress in the Research on Optical Supercontinuum Generation via Cavity Optomechanics2022-11-28 2022 Maritime Silk Road International Conference on the Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application (Fujian) Geography Forum Successfully Held 2022-11-28 FNU Co-hosts the 2022 International Islands Forum2022-11-22 FNU Holds the Conferment Ceremony for the First Batch of Senior Honorary Professors and Senior Professors of Liberal Arts 2022-11-22 Vice President of Philippine Sara Sends a Congratulation Letter to FNU for Its 115th Anniversary2022-11-22 College of Foreign Languages Invites Dr. Yaegan Doran to Give an Online Lecture2022-11-19