FNU Holds the Theme Exhibition of Party’s History in Art Works


On April 21, the exhibition themed on Glorious History and Spectacular Scrolls of Party’s History in Art Worksopened in the exhibition hall of College of Fine Arts on Qishan Campus. Attendees at the opening ceremony included Wang Laiwen, vice chairman of Fujian Federation of Literary and Art Circles (FFLAC), secretary of the Executive Office of FFLAC and Chairman of Fujian Artists Association (FAA), Zhao Shengli, vice chairman and secretary general of FAA, Zhang Yonghai, vice chairman of FAA and president of Fujian Painting Academy, Li Baoyin, secretary of Party Committee of FNU, Chen Xiaohong, vice secretary of Party Committee of FNU, heads of relevant departments and representatives of teachers and students of the College of Fine Arts of FNU.

Li Baoyin, Wang Laiwen and Chen Xiaohong jointly announced the start of the theme exhibition. Wang Laiwen and Chen Xiaohong addressed the opening ceremony respectively. On behalf of FFLAC and FAA, Wang Laiwen congratulated on the theme exhibition, and said that people can review the stories of Party’s history and feel the power of faith through classic works of art in this show, which has a strong pertinence and timeliness to promote the study and education of Party’s history to go deep into the masses, deep into the grass-roots and deep into the hearts of the people. He wished that young artists, teachers and students of College of Fine Arts would give full play to their specialty of fine arts, and will be more devoted to create more fine works which take the history of the Party and the great rejuvenation of the nation as the theme. Chen Xiaohong said that the spectacular century-old history of the Party contains rich theories and thoughts, experience and inspirations, faiths and spirits. It is the most vivid and convincing textbook and is the precious spiritual wealth of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese nation. She stressed, as the whole Party intensifies the study and education of the Party’s history and welcomes the Party’s centenary birthday, holding this theme exhibition is to make good use of this textbook and do a good job in this compulsory course, and let the majority of Party members and cadres, students and faculty be “sensible, trustworthy, virtuous and practical through learning history” in the study and education.

With painting as the body, history as the soul, and the century-old development course of the Communist Party of China as the clue, this exhibition selected 100 works of art with representative events and figures in the history of the Communist Party of China, vividly reappearing the magnificent and glorious course of the Party in the past 100 years.

Organized by Department of Publicity of Party Committee and the College of Fine Arts of FNU, the theme exhibition aims to expand the carrier and platform, enrich the content and form, and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of Party’s history learning and education for teachers and students in FNU. On the opening day, more than 200 people, including invited leaders, media friends and representatives of teachers and students, visited the exhibition.

                                   (Translated by Zeng Lu  Reviewed by Chen Fang)