The 2017 Council of Confucius Institutes at Angeles University Foundation Philippines & University of Al Azhar Indonesia


On November 17, Joseph, president of Angeles University Foundation Philippines and Septim, president of University of Al Azhar Indonesia headed a delegation respectively to attend the 110th anniversary of FNU, and convened the annual council meeting of Confucius Institutes with FNU as their co-founder. President of FNU Wang Changping, accompanied by people in charge concerned from College of International Education, met with visiting guests cordially.

At the meeting, Chinese deans and their foreign counterparts from the two Confucius Institutes respectively reported to the council about the work summary, the budget and final accounts since the previous meeting and the work plan for the next phase. The leaders present carefully examined their work reports and work plans for the next phase, fully recognized the achievements made by the Confucius Institutes, put forward some reasonable suggestions for the future development of the Confucius Institutes, and further clarified the development direction. They also decided the time and place for holding the next council meeting. Besides, both sides conducted discussions about issues such as how to deepen cooperation.

Co-founded by FNU and foreign universities, the two Confucius Institutes since the establishment have been operating soundly, and have received a lot of support from the China National Office for Teaching Chinese Language as a Foreign Language (Hanban) and foreign universities concerned, achieving remarkable results.

(Translated by Ye Xinru, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)