2023 Orientation of University of Huddersfield College of FNU


The meeting was held on October 11th at the Star Rain Theater on Qishan Campus of FNU. Ms. Meng Shiran, British Consul General in Guangzhou, Ms. He Rui, Counselor of the British Embassy in China, FNU Vice President Chen Qinghua, Prof. Kharel, foreign dean of Huddersfield College, representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers of Huddersfield College, the Party and government leaders, and all the new students of the class of 2023 attended the event.

Chen Qinghua hoped that all the new students of Huddersfield College will make virtue the first priority, study diligently and act conscientiously, be action-oriented doers, and strive to write their own youth chapter by promoting actions with knowledge and seeking more knowledge with actions. Ms. Meng Shiran said that every student of Huddersfield College acts as a bridge to establish the friendship between China and the United Kingdom, and hoped that the students will aim to become future leaders, educators and professionals, and work together to jointly foster a future with a sense of cooperation, equal respect and common prosperity. Kharel pointed out that there are no unimportant questions in the process of seeking knowledge, and that every student should be bold in asking questions and communicating directly, for every question will guide them steadily.

During the event, teachers representatives and students representatives made speeches respectively. The Chinese and foreign faculty team of Huddersfield College introduced the precautions for the new students and had an in-depth exchange with them.


(Translated by Cai Yuan/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)